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August 14 2017

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Connie Fisher on Make-Up: Speaking to Dr Yan Wu who researched the relationship between the media and the beauty industry.


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this aired in 2009

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Cole White has been fired :’) he was working at my friend’s friend’s job and he’s been dismissed




I swear someone could go stranded on a desert island and have their hair naturally dread up and they would STILL consider it cultural appropriation

This post proves the point of why nonblack people shouldn’t ‘dread’ their hair.

Only afrotextured (3c-4c type hair) dreads naturally because of its corkscrew shape.

All other types of hair matt, which is a whole different process where the cuticle of the hair has to be damaged and raised, revealing the inner sticky core of the hair in order for the hair strands to stick to one another. (picture for example here)

Obviously, these 2 things are not the same.

That’s why all it takes for black people to have dreads is a little twisting and some kind of moisturizing product, and a life time commitment to constant maintenance & hygiene. Black people’s dreadlocks are CLEAN.

And why white people do silly shit like back combing, the ‘twist n rip’ method, elmers glue, not washing their hair, and other forms of damage, lack of hygiene and neglect to achieve an imitation of the real thing they consider a ‘low effort’ hairstyle.

Ultimately the non-black people neglecting their hair to imitate dreadlocks are reinforcing the negative stereotypes about black hair that have existed for centuries and led to white people making laws against black people’s natural hair,saying black people’s hair is unprofessional, continue to make rules against natural black hair, fire black people for their for their natural hair, threatened black people with expulsion for their natural hair,assaulted black people for their hair etc


Feds Find Fewer States Meeting Special Ed Obligations


Less than half of states are meeting their obligations to appropriately serve students with disabilities

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I used to play like this.

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Early School Start Times Are Holding Back Teens

Water is wet

Bees have queens.

Switching to geico can save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance

John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt’s name is my name too

Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell

The sun is one of the biggest factors as to why we’re alive

We breathe oxygen and produce carbon dioxide

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*There is NO real oppression for these White racists.*

They have never been oppressed and probably never will.

They just don’t want to be equal to others.

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The media must call out white supremacy. Every single damn time.

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This is a picture of the heroic students from the University of Virginia that stood up to hundreds of white supremacists in Charlottesville tonight. They were completely surrounded. They were beaten. They were maced. The police stood by and watched it all happen. But they stood firm, yelling “Black Lives Matter!” and “No Racists! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” until the Nazis left. They were then forcefully removed by the police, who called them an “unlawful assembly.”

These college kids bravely stood up in the face of evil tonight. And they are a shining light on what was otherwise an extremely dark thing. Fuck fascism. Fuck white supremacy. Celebrate these fucking heroes.

the more i read actual news about this event, the more misleading this post looks.

fights kept breaking out between the two sides all day; of course the police didn’t wade into the crowds, that would’ve made everything so much worse. the way this post is written – “they were beaten. they were maced.” – sounds like they stood there and took it, but all the reports say there were many scuffles, and a lot of the counter protesters came ready to kick ass and did so. there’s a reason you’re not supposed to use passive voice in journalism. there was full on brawling this morning.

the photo makes it seem like this little cluster of a dozen people was the sole holdout of human decency against an overwhelming tide of nazi horror. but there were a hell of a lot more than that, including a group of clergy and religious folks singing hymns to drown out the nazis.

you make it sound like the police were on the side of the nazis. according to fact sources, the whole city was pissed as hell at them, and in fact the nazis were protesting against the city’s decision to take down a confederate statue. the police were definitely not on the tiki torch assholes’ side.

two police are dead, by the way. a helicopter went down while on duty. no one has said why it crashed yet, which is concerning. two dead cops and you wanna think the police were defending the out-of-state agitators who brought a pitchfork mob to tell the city what to do with its statues?

you say “They were then forcefully removed by the police, who called them an “unlawful assembly.”“ – i found no news source describing counterprotesters being forcibly removed. it seems they were happy to leave once the nazis were kicked out of the park. and the final cherry on the misinformation cake: ‘unlawful assembly’ isn’t some mean name they got called. it’s the declaration that allowed the state to clear the park and streets, and they called it to make the nazis leave. by its nature it means everyone has to go home, but the governor and officials were very clear on the fact that they did it to give the police legal power to send the nazis home.

in short, charlottesville wasn’t the scene of an out-of-control fascist government beating up a small handful of nice people and letting the bastards run wild. it was the scene of a mostly left-leaning city universally furious at fascists, some psycho drove a car into the crowd (i notice you don’t mention that, the woman who died, the 20 injured), a police helicopter crashed, and you fucking better believe they’re 500% more committed to taking that goddamn statue down.

as are other cities. thanks to this fiasco, other cities are hastening to get rid of their own confederate decorations, lest they draw crowds of polo shirt wearing dick-wavers. so the nazis achieved the exact opposite of their goal.

tl;dr: i reject your narrative of a weak counter to an overwhelmingly strong white supremacist force. the truth is that this little tiki party was a huge defeat for american nazis. they got spanked and sent home crying, except for the one being tried for secodn degree murder.

Thanks for the clarification, J!

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May 31 2016 - Collin Kennedy, who is a cancer patient, used expanding spray foam to disable a parking meter at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg where he gets his treatment. He says the fees are a tax on the sick. [video]

direct action

no joke when i was in hospital all the streetd around it had these and our car got towed away while i was in the ER it’s disgusting how they prey on the sick



date a selkie, but don’t hide her cloak. let her go home and visit her family now and then, knowing that she’ll come back and hang her seal cloak in the closet like she always does. trust is important.

The first time she lets the redhead take her home, she’s diligent about hiding her cloak. She folds it carefully against tears and rips and abrasions, and hides it in a sea cave whose entrance is concealed by the tide.

She does the same, the second and third and fourth times, careful, wary, mindful of her mother’s lessons. Remembers the way her mother’s hands had chafed on her soft cheeks, rough with cooking and cleaning for her fisherman husband, the way her mother’s peat-dark eyes had been tense and harsh with the lesson.

“Mind me, Niahm. Never let them find your cloak.”

The way her mother’s mouth had curved, a sickle of dissatisfaction and relief and envy, as she had escaped into the waves.

So she minds her mother’s lesson, and she takes care with her cloak.

Would that she had taken as much care with her heart.

The fifth time, she wears the cloak to the girl’s door, clutched about her throat, dripping along the darkened lanes.

She enters the home, welcomed with soft kisses and gentle touches and kindling passion. She drapes the cloak, artful in her carelessness, across an old wooden chair, the one that creaks and tilts slightly if you don’t sit just right.

When she wakes, in the wee hours of the morning, even before her lover, the cloak still rests, supple and dappled by the sea, on the back of the chair.

She frowns into the softening dawn, dons the cloak, and returns to the sea.

And again, the sixth time. And the seventh.

The eighth time, she finally breaks, prickling and hurt with longing, gripping a handful of russet hair in her hand, firm with emphasis.

“Surely you know what I am,” she says to her lover, the cool froth of sea foam and the call of gulls curling around her voice.

“Of course,” her lover responds, soft and tender in the dawnlight, throat arched willingly, pale as the inner whorls of a shell. “You taste of the sea,” the girl whispers, reverently.

She shakes her lover’s head gently, fingers tangled still in russet locks. “Why?” she demands. “Why won’t you keep me?”

A long silence that waits and fills, like a tidepool, stretches between them. Cool as a current. Deep as the Channel.

Her lover’s eyes are dark and tender. “Must I trap you to keep you, my heart? Is that the shape of love that you desire?”

She sinks into the thought, struck and stymied, remembering her mother’s harsh hands, her cold eyes. Her hand eases into russet waves, caresses where her grip had punished. Her lips press cool and damp as the sea against the arching curve of her lover’s shoulder. “What shape of love will you give to me?”

The answer is easy, quick, certain. “Myself. Only myself, whenever you should wish it. Your cloak by the door, your body in my bed, and the freedom to go, whenever you must. As long as you wish.”

It’s not an answer a fisherman could ever give, nor would think to.

The ninth time, she hangs her cloak by the door, draped in careful dappled folds next to a drying oilskin jacket.

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Fuck a white supremacist. Thank god for these beautiful Black heroes. 😍









I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again:

You cannot challenge racism, on this level, by being nice to and reaching out to white supremacists.  Their entire ideology revolves around dehumanizing us.  It just does. not. work.  

You cannot fight fascism by prioritizing the feelings of fascists and letting them think they’re safe around you.  You don’t “get them on your side”.  Because treating them kindly and respecting them, gives them your silent approval and access to those of you who are way more vulnerable than you are and who cannot afford to feel safe enough to “debate” with these monsters. 

Our humanity is not a question or a debate topic, and by giving these people a platform you legitimize their views and help spread them to a larger audience. 

Then… How did it work for this guy?

They shot him in the fucking head.

Say that shit again!

They shot him in the fucking head.

They shot him in the fucking head.

They shot him in the fucking head.

They shot him in the fucking head.

The idea that MLK was ‘nice’ to white supremacists is also just historical revisionism @kuurihaunt.

He was sent death threats. The FBI considered him dangerous. People assaulted and murdered many of his followers. White America thought he was too confrontational and not appeasing enough to the sensibilities of whites. He was considered disruptive and an “outside agitator.” He was not a beloved man. He was hated and despised.

His protests came with the risk of being brutalized or killed by police or vigilantes. He decried the white moderate for caring more about order than justice. He refused to condemn riots, ‘the language of the unheard,’ because of how violent America was to Black people. Despite their differences, Malcolm X offered him protection and self-defense. Even though he was committed to nonviolent resistance, which meant breaking the law, disrupting traffic and yes - willingly opening yourself to being brutalized, he was more complicated than you give him credit.

The United States hated him and for his troubles he was killed.

He was not the caricature of nonviolence you think he was. Read a fucking book. 

It worked for Nelson Mandela, Didn’t it? If he hadn’t forgiven people (which shows he was such a good man, because I wouldn’t have forgiven those people if I were him), apartheid would never have ended

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for being part of an anti-apartheid militant communist organization.

This 2015 Washington Post article provides more oft-forgotten context on Martin Luther King Jr.’s beliefs and behaviors:

But the civil rights movement wasn’t seen as nonviolent in its day — and for good reason. The most jarring evidence of this came just a month after King’s Birmingham jail letter. In May 1963, movement organizers assembled black children , some still in pigtails, to march through the streets of Birmingham and confront Bull Connor’s violent police force. It was a controversial tactic within the movement, but organizers must have known that images of jailed, beaten and cowering children would affect hearts, force a response from officials and move the movement toward its goals.

“They couldn’t have been ignorant of the terrible response,” says King biographer and New York University historian David Levering Lewis. “King and his inner circle appreciated the probable certainty of violence on the part of the establishment to trigger responses that they wanted, in terms of legislation and policies.”  The children called it “D-Day.”

Connor didn’t disappoint. He attacked the marchers with German shepherds and baton-wielding policemen. Connor’s army funneled hundreds of children and teenagers into overcrowded jail cells. Still, the kids returned to the streets the next day. And the day after that. Malcolm X, whom history treats as the movement’s violent alter ego, criticized King for the event, saying that “real men don’t put their children on the firing line.” King, on the other hand, called it “one of the wisest moves we made.”

The Children’s Crusade changed the way the movement was covered by the press. Where the crushing effects of segregated schools hadn’t won hearts, where brutal, state-sanctioned beatings of hymn-singing black men and women hadn’t gained sympathy, the nation couldn’t ignore the images of children recoiling from the raised batons of sneering police officers. Only the most distressing type of violence worked.

This was King’s strategy. “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed,” he said — an aggressive and confrontational stance that Americans rejected at the time and have forgotten today. Most people, including Northerners, opposed King’s March on Washington, fearing that it was a call to uprising. A Gallup poll conducted in May 1963, the same month as the Children’s Crusade, found that 46 percent of Americans held an unfavorable view of King. The only public figure more disliked in the poll was Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. By 1966, more than two-thirds of Americans had an unfavorable view of the civil rights leader.


shoutout to depressed and anxious people who often isolate themselves because they don’t have the energy to socialize, they’re scared, don’t believe anyone genuinely wants them around, etc.




less adding a third gender option on IDs and more getting rid of gender markers entirely please

the biggest reason why gender markers should be done away with instead of being modified is that a nonbinary gender marker X will out trans people and could be used to harm or exclude them. the gender marker should be done away with to make the world safer for trans people, especially trans women. so yeah this post isn’t for TERFs.

#id rather continue to be misgendered on official documents than get added to a government registry of trans people


Auditory Processing Problems







• *someone says something* “what?” *repeats themselves* “sorry?” *repeats themselves again* “pardon?”

•"hey, y'see the red thing at the top of the shelf, will you get it?“ “Sorry, what?” “On the sh-” “oh yeah sure, I’ll get it.”

•*doesn’t hear teacher because someone’s pen is making a scratchy sound at the back of the room*

•*replays video 10 ten times to figure out what they’re saying*

•teachers asking, “why do you always stop writing in the middle of a sentence, just write down whatever I’m saying,” followed by the response, “I’m just processing it,” rebuked by, “we’ll stop processing it and just write.”

•*gets really focused on staring out the window and goes through four songs without hearing a single on*

Wow this post brought back a ton of suppressed school trauma i didn’t know i was still messed up about. How the hell did any of us weirdos survive to adulthood?

me: hanging out with friends talking and laughing

playlist: *rap*

me: *tries to process friend and tupac simultaneously, understands nothing, blanks out*

Friend: Anyway so Bob and meh firm blah moo supermarket blub finch Tuesday!

Me: Huh, okay.

oh my god how did you transcribe it so perfectly

when they start fucking speaking simlish and you’re like “i sure hope the content of that sentence is not important”

Youtube autocaption and I have a lot of similarities; the main difference being I think everyone is speaking in a strong foreign accent.

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