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May 23 2018

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Out of control

May 22 2018

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My favorite part of Spider-Man Homecoming was the bit where Peter briefly impersonates Thor. He’s a British dude perfectly impersonating an American kid poorly impersonating a somewhat inconsistent British accent done by an Australian dude

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Or get none at all which is what you probably already doing



Bad idea for a Romantic Comedy
The Chief of Police is married to a Mob Boss, and they have to keep “just failing” to catch each other. When one of them hits the other in a shootout, it’s followed with “Oh I’m never going to hear the end of this…”

“So how was your day at work?”

We clearly have different definitions of bad.

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the duality of man


Some folks on this website truly believe they’re Truth Coming out of Her Well to Shame Mankind when they’re really Moron Coming out of Left Field to be Annoying



momma didnt raise a quitter but she did raise a fool and it turns out those two things are a terrible combination

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*”If racist acts don’t make you racist, what does?”*

If you benefit from racism while you vote for a known racist, how do you then find yourself in the “I’m not a racist” column?

A lot of people found it impossible to vote for a known racist, why didn’t you?


space documentary: In about 5 billion years, our sun will enter its red giant phase, destroying Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth as well.

me, knowing full well that there’s no way I will be alive by then:




I was thinking about why I prefer to read manga over American comics (as in, monthly serialized comics) and, putting aside opinions about the “quality” of either medium, I think the reason why is because I have absolutely no idea how American comics work.

Say you’re a complete noob to manga. You don’t know shit about it. But that One Piece thing you saw on TV looks really cool and you want to read it. Where do you start? Volume 1 and go from there. 

But imagine the same situation but with comics. You just saw the new Spiderman movie and now you got a craving for more like it. Where do you begin? Well, no one knows because there’s been 901823434^34 different iterations of the character for decades.

With manga, there’s usually one guy (and maybe a team of artists under them to help) working on it. Even if it goes on for years or may switch leads, there’s usually some “consistency” to keep everything in check. With American comics on the other hand, it’s the complete opposite: you have multiple different writers and artists, each contributing their own take on the character: alternate timelines, alternate motifs, etc etc. It’s all a big clusterfuck to me and I have no idea how anyone can keep track of it all.

i wanna read spiderman, where do i start?

“well, you’ll have to choose one of the major points in the series to start at and then switch between different iterations depending on what kind of tone you’re looking for“

i wanna read jojo, where do i start?

“volume 1“

“I want to read X-Men and Wolverine, where do I start?”

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Gee Merle! How come your mom lets you have TWO boyfriends?



How disgusting, if only we knew luc besson was a rapist and had put him away earlier


oh wait


and let’s not forget this scene from the original draft of Léon (: 

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This is the first picture I was given of my unborn son

congratulations it’s a computer error




cherry coke is a lesbian aesthetic


she got a goth gf

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